Monday, December 8, 2014

My First Diva Challenge with Arukas

This way: Weekly Challenge 190-something -- target tangle:
Arukas (by Molly) with  Knightsbridge, Cubine, Mooka, Shattuck, Flux,
Swarm, and small bands of design inspired by Joanne Fink's dangles.
This is my first Weekly Challenge tile hosted by the Diva, CZT Laura Harms. The target pattern is Arukas, which appears in the three corners of the tile, and in the mid-upper left, with that bowl of oranges in the middle of Swarm and Aruka rays turned into ribbons, and God knows what else.
Sometimes, when I begin a tile, regardless of what I thought I might be drawing at the outset, it soon becomes clear that something in my non-verbal mind has other plans. This tile went that way.  I nearly gave up on it twice, but reminded myself each time that pushing further usually leads to a breakthrough that provides enough motivation to finish the tile.

That way: same tile

This is a classic busy-mind tile. They pop out this way every now and again. It is particularly surprising when I am not aware of having a busy mind, but the tile-turned-mirror looks back at me and whispers, Take a look inside. So now I'd appreciate some feedback: which way works best for this tile: this way, that way, or the other way?

The other way

So glad to be participating finally in a weekly challenge. Thanks for hosting these, Laura!