Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mosaic from November 22 Workshop

This mosaic is from a workshop I gave at Still Point Art Studio in St. Louis Park. One of the coolest things about Zentangle is the freedom artists exercise in their interpretation of the patterns. These tiles were made with participants working "alone together," which is the usual workshop way. Everyone begins with a blank tile, puts down a string of their own choosing (which is really a significant factor in the variety that results), and follows along as I explain and demonstrate the steps of each pattern, one by one. All six of us used the same patterns (Crescent Moon, Static, Hollibaugh, Florz, Tipple, and Shattuck), but the strings were different, making the structure of each tile a unique showcase for the individual paraphrases of the tangles. Consider, for example, the interpretation of Static as a graceful swoop and curve in the upper right tile, an extremely clean and regular pattern in the lower left tile, and as angular, perpendicular peaks in the lower right.  Florz also has some intriguing translations, especially in the upper left tile where it looks like two hanging chains of diamonds. (Note: Left click on the image in a new tab to zoom in. I'll pay more attention to the original formatting of images in future posts.)